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Mink Eyelash Extensions in Mauldin, SC

Azul Med Spa Provides High Quality Mink Eyelash Extension at an Affordable Price. Please Call Us Today at 864-283-6260 to Book an Appointment. Our Medical Spa Is Located at 213 East Butler Road, Suite E1, Mauldin, SC 29662.

Mink Eyelash Extensions in Mauldin, SC
Mink Eyelash Extensions in Mauldin, SC
Mink Eyelash Extensions in Mauldin, SC

How much do mink lashes cost?

Mink eyelash extensions are the modern way to add length, volume and even curl to your natural eyelashes. Once applied, mink eyelash extensions will cut the time you spend getting ready in the morning, or for a night out in half. Our experienced esthetician will customize your extension to enhance your features while capturing your unique style.

100 % Real Mink Lashes: $200

Synthetic Mink Lashes: $150

When it comes to eyelashes, sometimes the line between glamorous and overdone can be as fine as the eyelashes themselves. At Azul Med Spa, we specialize in mink eyelash extensions that are light, comfortable, and add natural looking length and volume to your natural lashes. If you live in or near Mauldin or Greenville SC and are looking for eyelash extensions that beautifully frame your eyes and save you time doing your everyday makeup, then mink eyelash extensions at Azul Med Spa are just what you are looking for.

While false lashes can achieve a beautiful and glamorous effect when applied, most of us do not have the time every day to painstakingly glue them on. And mascara, while helpful, simply cannot achieve the same volume or length, despite what their television commercials say. A time-saving and long-lasting solution? Eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are applied to each individual lash with a special glue. Because they are attached to your individual lashes, they naturally enhance your eyes without looking heavy-handed or artificial. While there are several types of eyelash extensions available (synthetic, silk, and mink are the most common), the aesthetic specialists at Azul Med Spa recommend our mink lashes. Why? Because they are light, which means they have a lesser chance of causing damage to the natural lash and are easier to wear, and because they are narrow and have a natural taper at the end, unlike synthetic lashes, so they appear much more natural once they are applied.

When you come to Azul Med Spa for eyelash extensions, your consultation will help decide which lashes are right for you. This isn’t just a choice between mink and synthetic, there are different lengths, thicknesses, and curls available to help you achieve the exact look you want. Our med spa professionals will always work with you to create a customized look tailor made just for you!

Lash extensions can last for about 4-6 weeks or until your natural lashes are shed by the body. Applying a full set of eyelashes initially can 2-3 hours on average. However, once your full set is applied, you can maintain your extensions by periodically returning for shorter touch-up sessions every 3 or 4 weeks. This will help ensure your extensions stay fresh and beautiful all year long.

Having your lash extensions applied is typically a very relaxing experience. Your eyes will remain closed as we dip each individual mink lash into a specialized medical-grade adhesive and then bond them to each of your natural lashes until we complete the full look. Following your procedure, you will not be able to get your new extensions wet for about 24 hours to ensure the glue has set properly.

If you have been thinking about lash extensions, call Azul Med Spa in Mauldin to schedule an appointment today. We would love to help you look and feel beautiful, as well as save time doing your makeup. Eyelash extensions are an excellent way to up the wow factor of your everyday look and enhance your natural beauty.

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